Saturday, November 05, 2005

Jared and Laura pt. 4

Laura was walking down the street all dressed up. They made a lovely pit stop at her house to get ready. Laura was wearing her black tank top over her mesh shirt. And then she was wearing her little black and pink polka-dotted skirt made by Tripp. "Laura, you look so cute AH! I love it" Olivia had told Laura on her way out of her house. "Let's get going to Jeremy's place now." and with that said, they started walking.

"Laura, do you think I am going to get over Matt?" Olivia had asked after they were two blocks away from where the party was at.

"You know, I dunno. I mean I finally broke it off with Jared and I dunno if I am going to get over this. Look at how much I cared about him, about how much I loved him. But like I said, I dunno if I will get over this." Laura was about to cry but Olivia was there.

They had made their way inside and BAM! Right at the counter grabbing a cookie was Jared. Laura felt her heart beating throughout her body. BA BUMP BA BMP BA BUMP BA BUMP! OH GOD NO! Please don't see me, don't see me...Laura thought. Wait...what is that on his arm??? Should I talk to him? I will! She walked over and grabbed him by his arm. "Jared! What is your problem? What the fuck is this shit on your arm!?" And she pointed to his arm.

"Like you would care Laura. If you cared then why the fuck would you cheat on me? You don't care obviously." Jared had shouted back at her.

With that Laura just stared at him with her eyes watering up, releasing several tears. "Is that what you think? I don't care? You honestly think I don't care!?!? If I didn't fucking care why am I out here talking to you? Why am I crying then? Huh? You tell me smart one. I fucking care with all that I am. But let me tell you this, I never planned for Trevor. Never ever. I fucking love you but if you want me to go I will" and Laura walked off wiping the tears from her eyes.

Jared looked at her as she was walking away. Why...God why? Cutting wasn't the answer but still it had felt so good. The razor blade was my sweetest friend. I guess I should go get her. He thought as he started chasing her down the street. "Laura come back. Don't do this. Not now...Please..."

Laura turned around, her eyeliner running down her face in streaks. "What? Want to poke fun at me again? Have fun with that then, I'll just stand here and get mocked. If that is what you want go for it. Not like I care anymore" She had said while Jared was catching up with her.

"Laura..." He had said as he held her, "Don't be like this. Please. I love you...It hurts....But in time that wound will heal"

Looking up at him, she saw that he was also crying. How ridiculous, she thought, we are standing out in the cold crying our eyes out. Laura had then burst out laughing. "Why are you laughing woman!?" he asked playfully.

"It's just so funny, we are standing out in the cold, holding each other, crying our eyes out. I find it so funny."

"Haha it is kind of funny huh? Never really thought of it like that."

"Yup it is very funny. Man, let's just go home."

"Sure. OH! Let's just go say bye to the guys."

"Oh right, and I need to get Olivia. She's back in town. Her grandma died a few days ago, Matt and her broke up, and Katie and her are mad at each other"

So, they had made their way inside and said their farewells to everyone and started heading home.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jared and Laura pt. 3

Laura sat down on the curb and called Jeremy. "Hey Jeremy, what's going on tonight?...Party? ...Really? ...Okay. Sweet... Awww tell him I say hi...Okay you get back to that...Dirty, I don't want to hear that....Haha...Later....No...OH...okay...Bye."

Apparently there was a party at Jeremy's and John's house. Haha. The cutest little couple ever. Both the sweetest guys and both the hottest gay guys in town. Well, Laura thought, I can go get drunk now. Just what I needed after that break up. I still can't help but feel a hole though. Oh well. Time to get over Jared...I have a new lover and it's name is Peach Shnopps.

As Laura was walking down the street, she had bumped into an old friend from back in Kindergarten. Her name was Olivia. "Hey Olivia, what are you doing back in town!?"

"Oh you know this and that. My grandma died three days ago."

"That's such a shame. I'm sorry hun." And Laura hugged Olivia.

Olivia just stood there, holding the tears back. "This has been the worst week ever. Grandma dying, me and Matt breaking up, Katie mad at me. What else can go wrong?"

You stood there amazed. Matt and her broke up. That was the most shocking thing ever. Thinking back to before she moved in with her dad, she had visited over the summer, having the biggest crush on Matt. He was her neighbor in California. It was devasting knowing the break up. They were together for 3 years going on 4 in 5 months. "Hun, it's okay. Your grandma is up in heaven watching over you. Matt will come back. You are beautiful and charming, what's not to love. And Katie, if she is going to get mad at you, just let her be. It will all blow over. By the way why didn't you call me when you got in town? I mean, just the other day I got your email."

"*sniffle sniffle* I wanted to just come and go without having to confront anyone about this. Duh. You know me, I just want to keep to myself." She manages to say to Laura.

Well, you just hugged her, offering her kleenex. "Hey Olivia, want to go walk around with me? I mean, I am going to Jeremy's. You remember that loser dorkwad, don't you? I bet he misses you..."

Olivia giggled and wiped her eyes as Laura offered, "Umm sure why not..." and you guys head out to your house.


Jared was walking down Main Street. He bumped into a friend. "Hey Jared, what's going on? Are you okay?"

"Jeremy...nothing...nothing....Yeah...I'm okay. Perfectly fine" Jared had managed to mumble. Yet he didn't say it to Jeremy, but the ground nonetheless.

"Uhhh Jared, I am like right here...OH JOOOHN!!!" Jeremy had called out to John, his lover.

Jeremy was about 5'2" with black hair, bangs hanging over his green eyes. His librae was pierced and had a little spike. John, on the other hand, had blonde hair with blue bangs, hanging over his right eye. Instead of his librae being pierced, but the lower right corner of his lip had been pierced with a green hoop and a pink ball.

"Jared, buddy, why so gloomy?" John had asked, as he noticed the red eyes, "Been smoking bud again?"

"No...nothing is going on. Just bored. So what's up anyways?" Jared looked up and focused on the lovers.

"Oh not a whole lot, just looking for some people. Speaking of which, hey I am having a party tonight. You have to come. We even got some peach shnopps and some Carlo Rossi Blush and a lil this a lil that. We stocked up the alcohol cupboard again since the last party." Jeremy had said happily.

"Well, I'll see if I can make it, I will talk to you later guys. Okay??" Jared had said with a little spark.

"Peace out man, peace out." They both said smiling and giggling. And they walked off.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jared and Laura Pt. 2

The being speechless part didn't slow her down. Laura just stood there thinking, how could I have let that happen? HOW!!!? "Jared...come back..." The sound of her heart breaking rang in her ears.

Jared was now walking to the tree where they had sat by for the picnic for their 4th of July. God, he thought, why do you put people that I care about and yet break my heart? Why? Jared picked up a leaf and started stripping it down. *sigh* Why was it always the ones that break his heart that he had to care for?

Laura knew he wasn't going to come back to her, so she decided to walk to the car. *riiiiing* "UGH!!! Hello...yeah hey Jessie. I am in the park....oh I was having a talk with Jared *long pause* I told him about Trevor. But I didn't use his name. I just mentioned I cheated on girl, he took off, I'm not crying I'm alright...where are you at?....uuhhhhh. No that's okay I'm heading home...Why? To get changed...Well, talk to you later" Oh man, she thought, I don't need Jessie thinking I'm crying..........

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jared and Laura Pt.1

Okay so I think I am going to write little short stories. Random ones. From my mind. Haha. So let's get started here.......
There she was sitting in the car, checking the clock. "'s cold. Where the fuck is he??" He opens the car door. Beep beep beep beep beep beep. *Slam* "Hey baby. Sorry it took me so long." It was a cold winter day, so cold she could see her breath.
Thoughts racing through her head. How am I going to do this? How am I going to break up with him? He seems so happy with us...But I can't keep living like this. God! Why? Why did I do it? This was one of the worst days in history for the two. She could see it in his eyes he loved her. The young girl could tell she meant the world to him. But was hard to keep living a lie. She couldn't keep leading him on. Why did this have to be so hard???
She drives to the park, and then park the car. Beep beep beep beep. There's that annoying little beeping again from the car door being open. "Jared...We need to talk." Oh...those harsh words clashed against my heart like a knife slashing my wrist. He looked at her with those big, blue eyes of his. "What about?" was all he said. Jared. He looked like an empty shell. He also must have known what was about to happen.
They walked to the duck pond. Holding the bag of bread, she said "So. I wanted to talk to you and thought that it would be much easier on us both here at the park." Just two and a half years ago, this is where they had gone on their first date, where they had first kiss. This was all too hard. Just too hard. " Laura..." Laura, the girl, had seen his heart break in front of her. He and her both knew what was about to happen. But did she have the guts to do it?
Laura decided to walk over to the bench, and said quietly, "Jared, come sit down...I have to tell you something..." And he did as he was asked to do. He walked over, scared about what was about to happen. "Jared...I ch-ch-cheated on you." SNAP! Breakage of the heart. Tears began to form in her eyes. "You need to know I never meant for this to happen...Say something...Say anything" The silence had become so awkward.
"Laura...what am I supposed to say?" He got up and started walking, slowly and empty. It kept getting worst. She had jumped up as fast as she could and ran to him trying to get his attention. "What am I going to do Laura? You cheated on me. Do you honestly think I trust you now, let alone be willing to talk to you?" And once again the silence as he walked away.
*Crunch crack crack crackle* The only sound that remained in her mind were of the leaves and sticks he was walking on. "JARED! I'm...I...." For once in her life, she was speechless.